While our specialists are en route to your property here are some steps you can take to begin the mitigation process:

  • Turn off the source of the water (if applicable)

  • Attempt to safely remove small or valuable contents

  • With the items removed, attempt to safely prop or lift furniture away from making contact with water

  • Wipe away any water left on furniture

  • Protect the health and safety of your loved ones by staying away from the affected area(s).

  • Avoid contact with the water as much as possible to prevent any contamination from waterborne pathogens.


On our initial visit, a Dry Pros technician will:

  • Assess the overall damage including walls, carpets,
    and contents

  • Move to protect furniture from damaged areas

  • Extract any standing water from carpet and floors

  • Remove and dispose of contaminated carpet pad

  • Apply EPA-registered anti-microbial agent on all affected materials to inhibit bacterial and mold growth

  • Set up necessary equipment to immediately begin the drying process

Safety Precautions:

  • Please be cautious around exposed tack strips as they are sharp

  • Keep children and pets away from all equipment and affected areas

  • Use extreme care when walking on wet flooring as they may become slippery

  • Exercise caution when around drying equipment to avoid tripping over exposed cords and hoses

  • Don’t be afraid to ask our technicians questions or call our office with any concerns


Once the initial drying process has begun,

here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Please allow the equipment set to run 24/7 to ensure your home is restored as quickly as possible

  • Dehumidifier drainage lines should remain open and secure at their emptying location to allow efficient moisture removal

  • Windows should remain closed unless instructed otherwise. Open windows inhibit the drying process

  • Maintain a temperature between 68 and 72 degrees to maximize the drying process and help prevent bacterial and fungal growth


Our specialized technicians will regularly monitor and inspect your property to measure the drying progress, make adjustments, and document the process. Please ensure your technician has access to all affected areas every day until the drying process is completed.


Dry Pros technicians will make every effort to be at your property within the scheduled appointment time. However, as an emergency response institution, there may be times when we must reschedule. We appreciate your patience and remain committed in our efforts in restoring your home efficiently.


The drying process typically takes 3-5 days, however, in some cases, it may take longer.


We won’t sell you repairs you don’t need! Our goal is to preserve

your property and protect your investment value. We work to salvage any materials and contents that we can to save time and costs throughout the drying process.